Buffalo, NY dentist explains the benefits of immediate dentures to patients in the 14225 area

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Most people believe that the teeth they lose in childhood, the ones that were replaced by shiny coins left by the tooth fairy, are the only teeth they will ever lose. For some individuals, this turns out to be true. Many others, however, face tooth loss during their adult years. The tooth loss can be caused by decay inside the tooth, gum disease, or even physical damage caused by an accident. When a tooth is lost, most patients want to have it fixed, and quickly. Replacing the missing tooth is important, not only for aesthetics and appearance, but also because … Continue reading

Best denture treatment for you found with your experienced dentist in Buffalo NY

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An aspect of your physical and emotional wellbeing is your smile. The team at Smile Center keeps this in mind whether we are preserving healthy teeth or replacing teeth that have been damaged. Tooth replacement is a crucial step that requires meticulous planning and attention to the tiny details that make your smile all yours. Patients who visit Smile Center receive the best possible care and planning for dentures. An experienced dentist who has served the Buffalo area for many years, Dr. Kent has seen numerous dental situations. The doctor and his team make no judgment on the state of … Continue reading

Dentist in Buffalo offers immediate dentures

Buffalo Immediate Dentures at The Smile Center

Dr. Gordon Kent of the Smile Center in Buffalo is a dentist who focuses on ensuring patients have access to the treatments they need to not only improve the health and function of their smile, but to address cosmetic issues that may negatively impact the appearance of the teeth. Our team encourages patients to consider the benefits of a wide range of solutions including immediate dentures. What are immediate dentures? Immediate dentures can replace the entire smile in less than two hours. They eliminate the need for patients to go without teeth for an extended period of time. Who is … Continue reading

New York dentist offers immediate dentures as a solution for missing teeth

Immediate Dentures from dentist in Buffalo

Located in Buffalo, New York, Dr. Gordon Kent and the team at Smile Center understand the fear patients experience at the thought of being without teeth. However, holding on to painful or infected teeth is not worth the fear. With immediate dentures you do not have to be toothless or in pain. In our dental team’s experienced hands, your teeth can be extracted and dentures can be placed in a single visit. A convenient solution for missing teeth Previously, patients needing dentures would have to go through several dental appointments, extractions, and months of healing before receiving your permanent dentures. Thanks to immediate … Continue reading


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