Immediate Dentures

At the Smile Center, we strive to accommodate the wishes and needs of every patient. We understand that restorative and cosmetic dentistry procedures are not for everyone. You may simply want to replace all of your teeth with dentures, as quickly and conveniently as possible. Immediate dentures can be the answer to the worst of dental problems. In as little as two hours, you can have a brand new smile!

Immediate dentures may be right for you if

  • Many of your teeth are decayed down to your gum line.
  • You have many missing teeth.
  • Your remaining teeth are very loose.
  • You have advanced periodontal disease.
  • It has been many years since you’ve seen a dentist.
  • You hate going to the dentist, and want to minimize the number of visits.
  • You hate your teeth and want a fast solution.

The process is simple

  • We will explain the procedure, and answer your questions.
  • We offer several finance and payment options, to fit your budget.
  • Various levels of sedation are available to ease your anxiety.
  • All dentures are made at our in-house laboratory, to our exacting standards.
  • Your first (healing) denture is placed immediately after your teeth are removed.
  • We will see you the next day to make sure there are no problems. A follow-up appointment may be needed, to remove sutures.
  • You can call us anytime if you have problems or questions.
  • After three months, when healing is complete, we will custom fabricate your final denture.


Custom Made Immediate Dentures Buffalo NY - Feel Like New Teeth

Wonder what are known as custom made immediate dentures? Watch this video to learn more from our dentist Dr. Gordon Kent of Smile Center in Buffalo, NY

The results are fantastic

  • Our dentures don’t look like dentures – they look like beautiful teeth.
  • You have the final approval. In fact, your denture is not completed until you sign a statement that you approve and are happy with the way your new smile looks. Implant retained dentures are available, if you wish.
  • You will be able to eat without pain and enjoy your food.
  • Removing infected teeth can improve your overall health, especially if you suffer from systemic conditions such as diabetes.
  • You can be proud of your smile!

An insight by Dr. Gordon Kent on 'Immediate Dentures' - also known as 'Healing Dentures'

If you are looking for more information on immediate dentures, Dr. Gordon Kent from Buffalo NY, explains all you need to know about these healing dentures and the procedure used at the Smile Center to get a beautiful new smile.

What are immediate dentures?

On the day that we take out the teeth that the patient doesn’t like or that are diseased at this same time we immediately put in denture that is a healing denture they will wear this denture while they are healing.

How does the procedure works?

We will often put the patient to sleep and do the procedure and when they wakeup they have a beautiful new smile. The patient will wear the immediate healing denture for approximately four months.

Why is it called a healing denture?

Its acts as a mould for the healing of the tissues underneath. I can literally make their jawbone and ridges just perfect.

What procedure do you use at Smile Center?

Some dentist what they do is they take that immediate denture and realign it or add a second layer of acrylic to refit it and that becomes their permanent denture.

Other dentists want to do it more perfectly and have two separate prosthetics – the immediate denture and then the final denture.

I have always taken that second route because it is more precise, and we can get a wonderful aesthetic result that way.

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The experience with my tooth being extracted went well. There was no pain during or after. I will definitely recommend the Smile Center to my friends.