Do you want to straighten your smile without wearing braces?

Is Invisalign® right for you?

We offer traditional orthodontics for a more perfect alignment. However, if you are looking for a cosmetically beautiful result from a nearly undetectable orthodontic aligner – Invisalign® is it! You can have a conversation with someone and it is unlikely that person will ever realize you are wearing an aligner.

  • Aligners are clear and nearly invisible.
  • Aligners are very thin and comfortable.
  • Office visits are quick and easy.
  • You can remove Aligners yourself at any time for your convenience.
  • Invisalign® technology is rapidly improving. If another dentist told you; you do not qualify for Invisalign®, call us! We will submit your case and you may get a pleasant surprise.

The Invisalign® process

Unlike nearly every other appliance and restoration we provide, we do not make the aligner trays. They are manufactured at the Invisalign® factory, using CAD/CAM fabrication. The entire process is computerized and streamlined, meaning you can straighten your teeth aesthetically, in just a few steps.

  • We send your records (photos, impressions, and x-rays) to the Invisalign® laboratory.
  • Invisalign® provides a three-dimensional video image, showing the results that can be achieved. If you are satisfied with this, we will move forward.
  • Your aligners are manufactured and delivered to our office.
  • Every two weeks you will come in for a new tray.
  • You only need to keep up meticulous oral hygiene, and wear your aligners at all times (except for eating and oral hygiene).

What is invisalign and is it the right option for you? - Dr. Gorden Kent

The patient wears an extremely thin tray that is so thin and clear that when a patient’s wearing it nobody can really tell. You can wear it in social situations, and no one would know you are wearing it. Is Invisalign the solution you are looking for to get straight teeth? Watch the video to learn more as Dr. Gorden Kent explains.

Invisalign is really very cool. The patient wears an extremely thin tray that is so thin and clear that when a patient’s wearing it nobody can really tell.

You can wear it in social situations, and no one would know you are wearing it.

You wear each tray for one to two weeks and then you progress to the next tray. These trays slowly move your teeth into the position, so that you don’t have to wear the old fashion braces or orthodontic wires and metal braces.

It works in most situations to get people the smile that they want. It is really a wonderful modality particular for adults or teenagers who are very self-conscious of the way they look.

There are certain cases where that is the most efficient way to do the job or the most accurate way to straighten a person’s teeth.

Some patients just prefer to have the fixed braces where they don’t have to really think about it, but with the Invisalign, they have to change the trays, they have to keep the trays cleaned, or they like to drink red wine things like that would stain them up when cleaning the Invisalign trays. So they prefer to have traditional braces in those types of situations.

Invisalign usually takes less times than traditional braces. How long it takes is different for every patient and when we go to do the Invisalign we take all of the patient’s’ records that are needed photographs, x-rays, molds of their mouth. And all that is forwarded to the Invisalign company.

We tell them what we want to do and then the Invisalign company creates the appliances to meet our goals for that individual patient. And how many appliances they would need is then determined by Invisalign and we then just take the number of appliances that they provide and multiply that by one to two weeks and we get the total time it is for that patient.

We get all of the trays ahead of time. Invisalign designs in advance, the only thing is when I initially see the patient, with fixed orthodontic I can determine that it is going to take one year or year and a half or two years to complete the case.

But with Invisalign, it is the Invisalign company that decides how many trays we are going to need and therefore, how long it is going to take.

Invisalign offer

We can straighten your teeth with braces or we can straighten your teeth with Invisalign®. Or we can put facings or porcelain crowns on your teeth to make them instantly appear whiter and straight.

Invisalign Videos

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