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cosmetic dentistry - BUFFALO, NY

At the Smile Center, everything we do is cosmetic dentistry!


  • Our restorations are fabricated at our own, in-house laboratory. That means we have full control over the materials, coloration, transparencies, and shape. If it’s not perfect we don’t have to “make do” or wait to ship it back to a laboratory – we make it right!
  • We never do anything ugly. We do not even have silver filling material in our office. We only do tooth color restorations.
  • Even if you have a root canal procedure and porcelain crown on a back tooth, it will be so beautiful another dentist will have difficulty discerning which tooth has been treated.
  • Everything we do is with an artistic eye and a gentle touch. We even offer sedation dentistry, to provide even the most anxious patient with a relaxing experience.
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Learn more about cosmetic dentistry procedures, benefits & cost by watching this explanatory video by dentist Dr. Gordon Kent of Smile Center in Buffalo NY


One of the most popular procedures for correcting cosmetic issues is facings, commonly called porcelain veneers. These thin pieces of ceramic material are bonded to the front surface of your teeth, to cover a variety of esthetic imperfections.

  • Cover discolored teeth that are beyond the scope of whitening. Facings are perfectly colored and stain-resistant.
  • Change the shape of your teeth.
  • Straighten your smile, without waiting for orthodontics.
  • Your smile will look flawlessly natural. You may have seen people with unnatural looking facings. This happens when the dentist, or the laboratory, lack the elite expertise of the Smile Center team.


Because we know that everyone wants a glistening white smile, we offer several options.

  • Professional teeth whitening are safer and more effective than over-the-counter options.
  • In-office whitening takes 30 minutes or less with UV light activation.
  • Take-home trays are custom-made for a perfect fit.
  • Nite White is the convenient and effective option our staff chooses.
  • You can get lifetime teeth whitening, with our “bright smiles for life” special offer.

Whether you need to replace one or more teeth, or need minor repairs, such as bonding a chipped tooth, you can count on us to create the dazzling smile of your dreams.