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FREE consultation & 2ND OPINION

Free Consultation and Second Opinion
at Smile Center!

Smile Center Buffalo NY

At Smile Center, we understand dental anxiety. Whether it’s mild or overwhelming, we’re here for you.

During your free consultation and second opinion, we ensure that this is just a talk-only visit. Think of Smile Center as your friend’s house, and our staff is your friend, who happens to be dentists. You can ask any oral health questions you have without the formalities or any examinations.

Just a friendly chat and that’s it.

What to Expect During Your Free Consultation?

  • Warm and friendly welcome from our team and staff
  • A cozy and relaxing atmosphere in our office and private rooms
  • Discuss a treatment plan together and approximate pricing
  • A conversation with the Doctor to discuss options for your transformation

However, please remember that this is just the beginning. The final and actual treatment starts once you’ve made a decision and your next visit. If you’re satisfied and willing to take the plunge, set an appointment with us at Smile Center.

Your next visit will be a comprehensive oral examination, and x-rays. This will prepare you for your smile transformation you need and deserve. Are you ready to reach for the smile of your dreams? 

Call us now and take advantage of our free consultation and second opinion here at Smile Center.