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About Us

Our Amenities

All of our treatment rooms are set up to give you privacy before, during and after treatment. Every room is equipped with televisions to provide you with the educational tools needed to understand the treatment presented to you.

Isolite™ is a innovative dental device that makes you more comfortable during your dental procedures. It gives you a place to rest your jaw so you can relax and also cuts down on the time of your dental visit.

Uncomfortable x-rays that poke you are a thing of the past at the Smile Center. GAGLESS x-rays are the only way we take images of your teeth. Digital x-rays are fast, easy and never hurt.

Patient education and the understanding of treatment is very important to us, we want you to feel confident about your dental care with us. What better way to understand your needs then actually seeing images of them on the screen. This gives you a detailed look of exactly what we see

Laughing Gas is a great way to calm jittery nerves at the dental office, that is why we offer it in every treatment room. Oral sedation uses a combination of pills and Laughing gas to achieve a even greater relaxation and comfort level. IV sedation or “Sleep Sedation” allows you to sleep through your dental procedure without having any memory of the procedure.

Every treatment room is equipped with MASSAGE CHAIRS, stress balls and CD Players.

Our lab technicians and dental lab shorten your waiting time of your custom crowns and dentures. The Smile Center Lab insures quality assurance as we are able to oversee the entire process of making your restorations.

Same day crowns gives you the benefit of only needing to make one appointment with us instead of two. That same day you would be able to leave with your permanent crown.

Free internet access is available to all patients, just ask us for the password.