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emergency dentist - BUFFALO, NY


Non-emergency conditions such as a dull toothache, lost filling or crown, chipped tooth (without severe pain), or broken braces wire do not need immediate care. Call the office as soon as it opens to schedule the next available appointment.

When the unexpected happens after business hours, don’t despair. Call our answering service when a true emergency occurs such as:

  • You have a broken tooth
  • An accident or injury damages your teeth
  • You have a tooth knocked out

Any time heavy bleeding that can’t be stopped, a possible broken jaw bone, or other traumatic injury occurs, visit your local hospital emergency room.


Call the Smile Center right away. Our phones are covered during business hours by a live person, who can help you. After hours, you can reach our answering service for guidance.

Follow this advice closely:

  • Save the pieces. Whenever possible, keep any part of broken teeth or appliances, and bring them to the office with you.
  • Don’t cut wires. If braces are damaged, and the wire is abrading soft tissues, try to reposition it. Alternately, use dental wax or a small piece of gauze to cover it temporarily. Attempting to trim the wire can result in fragments entering your lungs or being swallowed.
  • Choose painkillers carefully. An over the counter painkiller, such as ibuprofen, can help keep you comfortable until you make it to our office. Do not take aspirin – it increases bleeding, and it should be avoided for at least three days before any dental visit or surgery.
  • Eat and drink carefully. Avoid sugary or hard foods, and chew on the opposite side of your mouth. Avoid extremely hot or cold beverages.

Our goal is to keep your smile beautiful, healthy, and pain-free.