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How immediate full dentures from your Buffalo NY dentist are improved with dental implants

A set of dentures on a gray background

When teeth have been weakened or damaged, leading to loss or the need for removal, your dentist’s goal is to restore your smile as quickly and as comfortably as possible. Dentures are one way in which your dentist can help you regain full function and your beautiful smile. At Smile Center, Dr. Kent offers immediate dentures to patients from Buffalo and other NY townships, bringing positive results that promote healthy smiles.

Full dentures have improved significantly over the past several years. Not only have the materials and techniques of conventional treatment progressed, but dentistry has evolved to a point where your dentist can now restore a higher degree of function to dentures in less time. The immediate denture process used at Smile Center is customized to each patient’s unique needs. In many cases, the insertion of a few dental implants adds a great deal of stability to the permanent denture appliance. Anchored to dental implants, dentures remain as stable as natural teeth while chewing, smiling, and laughing.

Some patients are able to have dental implants inserted immediately after extraction. Follow up on immediate implants with dentures has shown excellent integration and outcome. The reason immediate restoration with implant-supported dentures can be so advantageous is that the loss of a tooth leaves an empty socket. Over time, this socket is filled with new bone. Undergoing implant treatment when a socket has filled in means that more steps are needed for insertion of the implant, and more time for healing.

Rather than recreating a socket, immediate placement of implants and dentures after the extraction of unhealthy teeth uses the existing socket. Performing implant treatment at this time prevents the need for a secondary procedure, and facilitates optimal healing of bone tissue around the implant.

If you or someone you love is in need of full dentures, Smile Center offers precise treatment that restores function and beauty quickly. Our immediate dentures have helped many of our patients regain confidence in their smiles. Contact us today for more information on your options for immediate dentures.