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Denture procedures have improved significantly in Buffalo NY

Dental technician presenting dental prosthesis

The mouth is a vital part of our emotional and physical health. It is easy to take the overall purpose of the mouth for granted, assuming that our teeth will last us our lifetime. Sadly, this is not the case for every person. One of the greatest aspects of dentistry is helping our patients prevent dental problems and keep their healthy smiles as long as possible. We also pride ourselves on offering impeccable restorative care for those who need it.

Rest assured that, although we take your oral health seriously, you do not receive lectures from your experienced Buffalo dentist. Dr. Gordon Kent has treated many patients and many degrees of oral health. Whether we are consulting with a patient for preventive care or preparing for tooth replacement, we do so with compassion and extensive skill.

One of the services we are most proud of is the immediate denture process. Of the various tooth replacement procedures available in Buffalo NY, immediate dentures provide significant benefits to the patient.

Immediate denture treatment at Smile Center offers a number of benefits including:

  • The smile’s appearance is immediately restored, allowing you to remain fully confident in your smile.
  • Because dentures are made before the extraction procedure, and placed right after the affected tooth or teeth are removed, the clot or clots that form are better stabilized, expediting healing.
  • The immediate placement of a denture appliance facilitates continued normalcy in chewing function. Patients may wish to resume eating with softer foods, adding those that require more chewing as the gums continue to heal.
  • Immediate dentures can prevent speaking difficulties, which may occur if front teeth are extracted.
  • Bone resorption is decreased when dentures are placed onto ridges immediately after extraction.
  • Immediate dentures are easy to adjust as the gums progressively change shape in the healing phase.
  • Because this type of denture appliance is designed when teeth remain in the mouth, the overall height of dentures is better gauged. Our dentures are designed to recreate your naturally beautiful smile.

Tooth replacement has evolved so significantly in the past several decades that your new smile can look as beautiful as natural teeth do. Contact Smile Center to learn more about immediate denture treatment.