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Solving your dental concerns with immediate denture treatments in Buffalo NY

Dental prosthesis working on the denture

The consequences of tooth loss extend beyond the physical effects in the smile. There can also be a significant emotional impact due to functional limitations and an unattractive appearance. At Smile Center, we collaborate with each individual patient to resolve dental concerns quickly while gaining long-term benefits. When possible, immediate denture treatments are discussed during consultation for tooth replacement in our Buffalo practice.

What are immediate dentures?

An immediate denture is a full appliance that is made in a dental lab prior to the extraction procedure. On the day that teeth are extracted, this temporary denture will be ready for immediate placement. By seating a full denture right after extraction, your dentist helps you maintain your level of confidence and emotional wellbeing while your gums heal over the course of several weeks.

Immediate dentures are beneficial in sustaining peace of mind and a healthy self-image. Additionally, patients who wear dentures immediately after the tooth extraction experience a shorter healing period, less bleeding and swelling, and improved comfort. Because zero time is spent without teeth, the transition to speaking with dentures may also occur more quickly.

Why the immediate denture is only temporary

Immediate dentures are intended for short-term wear only. This appliance is designed to fit over gums during a time of healing, in which the overall structure will change quite a bit in a short period. Though we create immediate dentures to look very natural and to be functional, they will require multiple adjustments due to the speed at which swelling in the gums subsides. Additionally, a certain degree of bone loss is to be expected in the first year after tooth extraction.

Once the oral structure has reached a peak of transition, the final denture is created with the intent of lifetime use with periodic adjustments.

Immediate dentures can greatly improve your transition into your new smile. Learn more at Smile Center in Buffalo, NY.