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Tissue conditioning and other experiences with immediate dentures in Buffalo

Dentures in the hands prepared for the patient

One of the factors of total tooth replacement that leaves many people displeased is the time needed between the extraction of any existing teeth and the fitting of a permanent denture appliance. The time necessary for full healing, typically ranges from four to six months, during which time, the patient is toothless. Through innovation in the field of dentistry, patients may now choose to make this process easier with immediate dentures.

Immediate dentures are just as they sound. Before any teeth are extracted, your dentist constructs a denture appliance, which will be placed on the day of extraction. Using this method, you will not face time without teeth during the healing process.

There are various factors to the process of immediate dentures, including tissue conditioning. Your Buffalo dentist is careful to explain the details of treatment during your consultation phase so that you know exactly what to expect during treatment. Even those who have heard about immediate dentures from friends or family who have undergone this treatment may be surprised if their journey is not as they envisioned, based on the information provided by anyone other than their dentist.

When fitted with immediate dentures, loosening is bound to occur. Sometimes the denture begins to feel loose as soon as the day of initial placement. This is because gums tend to be quite swollen in the first days after tooth extraction. As swelling subsides, dentures may feel increasingly loose. The loosening of immediate dentures is to be expected. This part of the process, anticipated by your dentist, is made more comfortable with routine adjustments to the denture, which will help the appliance sit better on the gums so that the instance of sore spots is reduced.

One of the ways in which immediate denture appliances are made more comfortable is through tissue conditioning. Tissue conditioners, placed inside of the denture appliance around week six to eight after the extraction procedure, create a tighter fit between the appliance and the gums. This step further reduces sore spots, and may aid in clear speech, as well. Tissue conditioning may occur several times throughout the healing process, until the gums have ultimately healed enough to allow the design of a permanent denture.

Dr. Kent is skilled in the various tooth replacement treatments available today. With immediate dentures, you can love your smile all the way through the process.

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