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What Are The Steps Involved In Receiving Immediate Dentures?

A set of dentures in a glass of water

Here at The Smile Center, we offer one benefit to our patients that many other area dentists do not, immediate dentures. When you are in need of a beautiful smile, even after extraction of the teeth, it is important to go with a dentist that can provide you with a solution and help you understand immediate dentures steps. Buffalo NY dentist Dr. Kent of The Smile Center is focused on providing patients with immediate dentures to get them smiling again, without having to wait.

The steps involved in receiving immediate dentures from start to finish begin with an initial consultation appointment. During this appointment, Dr. Kent will begin by examining the patient to determine if they are a good candidate. Once this has been considered, the dentist will then explain the entire procedure thoroughly. This is the best opportunity for patients to ask any questions that they may have about immediate dentures. Payment plans and financing are available in order to ensure that patients have the ability to receive the dentures without it being a burden on their budget.

Once the dentist and the patient have decided to go forward with immediate dentures, impressions and records will be taken and teeth chosen for your new smile. Then an appointment will be made for the procedure to take place. The patient will be sedated and anesthetized to comfort them and ease them during the procedure. The immediate dentures are made in-house at our laboratory, and will be made to the highest of standards. These healing dentures are placed immediately into the mouth as soon as the teeth have been removed, and will allow patients to leave the office with a complete new smile. A follow-up appointment may be made the day after to check the healing process and ensure that the patient is comfortable and pleased with the results. A second follow- up appointment will occur after one week.

During the next three months the patient is welcome to come into the office as often as they like to recheck the fit of the healing dentures as their gums and jawbones might be changing shape during the healing process. After three months the patient then returns for the creation of their final dentures.

If you are interested in learning more about immediate dentures, call The Smile Center today to find out how immediate dentures can help you keep your complete smile intact or regain a new smile.