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Best dentures in Buffalo are available at an affordable cost

Close up view on senior dentures

With conventional dentures, you might be toothless for 12 weeks, waiting for a lab to make your new teeth. We can save you the hassle and time associated with this traditional option, courtesy of our immediate dentures procedure.

While we still make a series of impressions of your jaw to ensure the upper and lower parts of your mouth meet correctly, the departure from traditional dentistry happens when we fit you with a denture on the same day that we pull any remaining teeth. You’ll wear this immediate denture until you receive your final set of new teeth.

There are several advantages to this option, including:

  • Aesthetics – Placing a denture immediately instead of waiting for one to be made means no one knows you are missing any teeth. You don’t have to feel self-conscious. In addition, because you are never “toothless” you won’t see any facial distortion or sinking that may occur when teeth are removed for a length of time.
  • Accuracy – It’s easier to duplicate the natural shape, color, and arrangement of your teeth when you still have some teeth present.
  • Healing – It protects your tissues at the time of the extraction, aiding in the restorative process that happens while we make your lasting dentures.
  • Function – You won’t see any changes in speech patterns or chewing caused by missing teeth. You get accustomed to your new teeth quickly and effortlessly as they’re placed in one visit.

Over the longer run, immediate dentures have an added cost and practicality benefit. Should you ever need repairs, relining, or the denture breaks, you’ll still have the immediate one and can wear it as a backup.

Due to the many health implications associated with missing teeth, most dental insurance companies pay at least a portion of the dentures cost. Even if you don’t have insurance, we can match you to payment plans that stretch the cost over several months; frequently at no-interest should you qualify. Our Smile Center Plan offers 15 percent discounts on implants, and a number of other freebies (from examinations to emergency care) to those patients without insurance for a low annual fee.

The Smile Center offers the best dentures at an affordable cost in Buffalo by combining today’s quality procedures with a number of payment options that you won’t see at many other offices. We can match you (and your budget) to the right treatment plan. Call the Smile Center at .