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There are several advantages to full immediate dentures from your Buffalo NY dentist

Female dentist and patient at dental office looking at dental prosthetic and smiling

The way our teeth age and break down has not changed much throughout history, though the ways in which we can restore function after tooth loss has. Today, patients of the Smile Center can experience immediate restoration after failing teeth have been removed. Dr. Kent has years of experience crafting beautiful, well-fitting dentures for his patients, and this expedited process has improved the course of treatment.

Immediate dentures are just that – immediate. This interim denture appliance is crafted in our laboratory before the extraction of any remaining teeth, solving one of the biggest problems with conventional denture treatment: time without teeth. This method of tooth replacement allows you to get right back into your active life without feeling uncomfortable about your appearance.

There are several advantages to immediate dentures outside of the fact that you will not have to be seen without teeth. They include:

  • Designing dentures when there are still some teeth present allows greater similarity to your natural oral structure.
  • Immediate dentures covering the extraction sites provide protection and aid in healing. With the appliance worn most of the time, underlying tissues are less likely to become irritated and sensitive when chewing and speaking.
  • The immediate placement of dentures after extraction aids in the establishment of new speech patterns because you are training the oral structure to speak with dentures. The alternative is that you learn to speak without teeth, and then learn to speak with dentures, a longer process.
  • Chewing is more effective and more comfortable with immediate dentures than without teeth.
  • Facial structures are preserved with the placement of immediate dentures. When teeth are not quickly replaced, the cheeks have no support and sink inward.

Dr. Kent is dedicated to helping Smile Center patients recreate their best smiles after tooth loss or removal. Immediate dentures, for many, prove the ideal treatment, leading to functional chewing and confidence when speaking and smiling. You deserve to feel good about your smile. Contact our office at to learn more about immediate dentures.