Smile Center NY



The Importance of Multiple Opinions


One of the things that I love to tell my patients when they’re in a position of making choices is to get a second opinion. They shouldn’t just choose us, they should get second opinions. And by the same token, we are more than happy to provide patients who have already seen other doctors and have some concerns didn’t have all their questions answered, maybe weren’t totally comfortable with the office setting, with Office staff, or with the doctors themselves, and are questioning perhaps the level of competency. Whatever the question might be, they may just not have totally understood what the doctors have said to them, we will be glad to see them. And on a second opinion, give them a second consult. So that we can help them through their issues, whatever it might be, whether they end up back with their original doctor, or they decide that they’d like to come to us. I actually enjoy giving patients second opinions knowing that that way, they truly understand what’s happening. I think it’s wonderful when a patient becomes an intelligent participant in the process, because they understand what’s happening. And that is the wonderful benefit of giving second opinions and so we gladly provide second opinions to everyone.