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The Smile Center Has Unlocked the Secret to Amazing-Looking and Highly Functional Dentures

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A smile can tell a lot about a person, but not everyone is comfortable showing off their pearly whites. The reason? Some people are self-conscious about how their smile looks because they don’t have perfect teeth. Some are missing teeth entirely and may require dental procedures to correct this issue. To address this concern, the Smile Center in Buffalo has perfected the technique of inserting dental implants. 

The Smile Center Offers A Myriad Of Services

Oral health needs vary from patient to patient. The philosophy that the Smile Center lives by is that every patient should have their specific needs and concerns addressed when seeking dental treatment. This is why the number of services offered are plentiful and include: 

This is an abbreviated list, but you get the picture. The team at the Smile Center wants everyone to feel that their needs are met, and they want everyone to receive exceptional care. One of the procedures that require extra care and attention is dentures. A lot of time and energy has been spent making sure that the way dentures are handled in the Smile Center is exceptional. This starts by addressing some of the most common complaints that patients have about dentures, to begin with. 

Common Complaints About Dentures

Addressing the problems with dentures means recognizing the negative things that people have said about them before. One complaint that the Smile Center knew that it could not overlook was that many patients said their dentures did not look real or natural. spoke with a dentist out of Canada who gave this answer as to why patients care so much about their dentures looking real: 

Wagenseil says patients want natural-looking dentures, not artificial-looking ones. Ideally, patients don’t want anyone to notice they’re wearing dentures.

“Sure, they want a light color because we are conditioned to that,” he says. “But it should still look like enamel or a real tooth.”

Real teeth have opalescence and fluorescence. Fluorescence, in particular, gives teeth vitality because it reflects the phosphorous in our teeth.

Sadly, there is still a strong stigma against wearing dentures in our society, with reporting that 63% of denture wearers stated they would likely keep their dentures a secret from other people. A third of those people didn’t even tell their close friends or family! 

It might be impossible for one dental office to change the society-wide stigma against dentures, but it is possible to make the dentures work so that we do look and function more like natural teeth. 

Focus On The Fit 

The biggest challenge with getting dentures that function at a high level is getting dentures that fit just right. If they are improperly fitted to the patient’s mouth, then they will irritate that person’s mouth, and they will not be as useful as they should be. 

Dr. Kent of the Smile Center is an expert in prosthetic teeth, having inserted them into patients’ mouths for three decades. He put resources into getting an excellent dental laboratory for his business, and he has used that lab to create more ideal fits and molds for the many patients he has interacted with. This work and investment have made it easier to get great results for his patients, and they are pleased with the payoffs. 

Any patients who may have received dentures from another office in the past may come to Dr. Kent for some suggestions on what they should do to correct what they have going on now, given that they may feel some irritation or pain. He can suggest several procedures that can be done in his office to try to alleviate the issues. If you would like, he can even create a brand-new set of dentures explicitly molded for your teeth so you can get the most natural-looking smile.

Get Everything Done Under One Roof

The Smile Center has invested a lot of time and resources into making the best-looking dentures on the market, but they don’t stop there. They have also gone out of their way to create an environment where patients can receive all of the dental care that they need in one place. Better yet, that environment is always meant to be comforting, informative, and understanding. It is the goal of Dr. Kent and the entire team to ensure that every patient that comes through the doors has an experience that they feel good about when they leave. 

The other thing that the team understands is that most patients want to regain the ability to speak and interact naturally with their social contacts after having their dentures implanted. Therefore, they have gone above and beyond to create an immediate denture that takes some of the lag time between procedure and everyday life out of the equation. 

With an immediate denture procedure, you get: 

  • A process that protects the tissue in your mouth while minimizing bleeding
  • The ability to relearn how to speak naturally with your dentures much faster than with traditional dentures
  • The chance to chew and eat nearly as normally as if you were using your natural teeth
  • A staff that will happily work on adjustments for you as needed due to the possibility of some natural swelling that occurs whenever dentures are put in 

If you have put off an appointment to get your teeth looked at for some time, you no longer have an excuse. The Smile Center has gone above and beyond to make the process simple, easy, and as close to painless as possible. Call them at 716-634-4090 to set up your appointment today.