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Smile Assurance: How the Smile Center Plan Offers Peace of Mind for Dental Care


Find the Best Alternative To Dental Insurance At Smile Center in Buffalo, NY

For many people, dental care poses a huge financial obstacle. And let’s face it — although your oral health is important, it’s probably not your top priority when you have a stack of bills to pay.

Unfortunately, dental insurance isn’t guaranteed to make this any easier. Unexpected costs, confusing coverage, and hidden fees lurk around every corner. And before you know it, your routine dental exam turns into an expensive, frustrating fiasco.

At Smile Center, we don’t want cost to stand in anyone’s way of getting the dental care they need. That’s why we created the Smile Center Plan — a comprehensive dental care plan to keep your smile and your pocketbook in check.

A Cost-Effective, Affordable Dental Plan

If thinking about paying for dental work is enough to make your heart stop, you need a solution. But you want to find a comprehensive plan that will help you maintain your smile without paying for “fluff” you don’t need. Where do you turn?

At Smile Center, we believe everyone deserves a reliable and honest dentist who puts their patients first. So, we created a dental care plan that checks all the boxes and keeps your wallet happy, too. 

The Smile Center Plan is more than just a dental care plan — it’s a promise to our patients to deliver the highest quality dental care at an affordable price.

Here are some of the benefits you receive with each year of enrollment:

  • Two FREE examinations
  • Two FREE routine cleanings
  • Two FREE fluoride treatments
  • Two FREE denture cleanings
  • Two FREE oral cancer screenings
  • FREE oral hygiene instruction
  • FREE nutritional counseling
  • FREE emergency office visits
  • 15% savings on our standard fees

Dental Care That Brings You Peace of Mind

Whether you’re an existing patient or testing the waters with free consultation or second opinion, you’ll find enormous value in the Smile Center Plan.

Fixed Costs

Whether you’re single or have a family, budget is top-of-mind for most folks. With the Smile Center Plan, you don’t have to worry about unexpected or hidden fees that can derail your budget. For the fixed amount of $199 a year, you’ll receive the care you need — from routine exams and cleanings to emergency visits.

Emergency Care

Dental emergencies rarely happen at an opportune time. With the Smile Center Plan, you’ll have priority access to emergency care. No more waiting in agony for your appointment that’s days away. Get the relief you need ASAP!

Improved Oral Health

As the age-old saying goes, prevention is better than a cure. With proper dental care, you can catch dental issues early and save money by avoiding costly procedures when you ignore those issues for too long. And thanks to the hygiene tips and nutritional counseling you’ll receive from your dentist, your mouth will be that much healthier.

Discounted Dental Care

Our unique plan goes beyond what traditional insurance can offer. Once enrolled in the Smile Center Plan, you’ll enjoy a hefty discount on treatments and procedures that aren’t included in the plan — 15% to be exact! 

Guaranteed Care for the Year

With the Smile Center Plan, you won’t have to worry about whether you can keep up with your routine dental care. Besides the incredible value, you’ll enjoy guaranteed appointments when you need them.

Invest in Your Smile with the Smile Center Plan in Buffalo, NY

We all have enough to worry about, right? That’s why we created the Smile Center Plan — to make our patients’ lives a bit easier. 

Improve your oral health, resolve dental problems quickly, save money, and enjoy a dentist office with all the amenities to make your visits as comfortable as sitting in your own living room. 

Whether you’re looking for convenience or an affordable price, Smile Center is happy to offer both! Join our long list of happy patients we have who have experienced the Smile Center difference.

Call us or check out our website to learn more about the Smile Center Plan today!