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Buffalo, NY area dentists offer sedation services for anxious patients

Sedation Dentists Buffalo NY at The Smile Center

Patients in Buffalo, NY who are anxious about receiving dental treatment are encouraged to book appointments with dentists who offer sedation dentistry. Not every dental practice offers sedation.

What is sedation dentistry?

Sedation dentistry involves the use of a sedative to relax a nervous patient. It is common for patients to have dental anxieties and require something to keep them calm and relaxed throughout their appointments. Dr. Gordon Kent of the Smile Center in Buffalo, NY works provides effective sedative solutions to ensure patients are comfortable and have a positive experience at the dental practice.

What methods of sedation are available?

At the Smile Center, Dr. Gordon Kent offers three types of sedation – laughing gas, enteral sedation, and IV sedation.

Laughing Gas

Sedation with laughing gas is achieved with the administration of a gas through a nasal mask. This method is easily reversed with oxygen, allowing patients to leave the dental office and go about the remainder of their day without interruption. This is best for mild cases of anxiety.

Enteral Sedation

Enteral sedation, sometimes called oral conscious sedation, is for patients with more moderate cases of anxiety. This method involves the prescription of an oral medication for patients to take prior to their appointment so they arrive relaxed and calm. Patients are awake during this time but allow dental work to be done without hesitation.

IV Sedation

Severe cases of anxiety can be handled with IV sedation. IV sedation sedatives are administered straight into the bloodstream for immediate and consistent relief of anxieties. This method is best for those who are severely anxious or undergoing several dental treatments at once.

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