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Greater Buffalo patients overcome fears after finding the answer to, “Can I find sedation dentistry near me?”

Scared patient with a doctor trying to examine her in a dentist office

The Smile Center team is like a family and enjoys treating families, too. The team understands that you and family members of all ages may have dental fear. Anxiety may loom so large that loved ones avoid the dental care they need to maintain optimal oral health. Dr. Gordon Kent has the advanced training and licensure necessary to offer many sedation dentistry options safely.

For the littlest patients

Your child’s earliest dental visits define how he or she will view dentists well into adulthood. Most patients trace their dental anxiety or phobia back to negative experiences in childhood. In addition to a staff that enjoys children and knows how to talk to the youngest patients, Dr. Kent has another powerful ally to fight dental fear – calming medications.

If your child is mildly anxious, laughing gas may be just what Dr. Kent orders and what probably comes to mind when you think of sedative options at the dentist’s office. Laughing gasis combined with oxygen and inhaled through a mask placed over the nose. Your child will remain awake but relaxed during the whole procedure. The effects of the gas also wear off quickly.

Whereas some dental practice’s sedative options may end with laughing gas, Dr. Kent is qualified to offer sedative medications in the form of a pill. Generally, modern enteral sedation options are fast acting and they quickly leave your child’s body. The Smile Center team may recommend enteral sedation should your child suffer from moderate anxiety. Dr. Kent will first determine if your son or daughter can benefit from enteral sedation. If it is determined that it is a suitable option, Dr. Kent will select the best medication for your little one as part of a pre-sedative examination. Again, your child will remain awake and responsive to commands, only sleepy and without a care in the world.

A few notes for more seasoned patients

Dr. Kent is one of the few dentists in Greater Buffalo licensed to administer sedative medication intravenously. IV sedation bridges the gap between more mild calming methods and general anesthesia that can completely put you under. For patients who are moderately fearful but do not require general anesthesia, Dr. Kent has the training and qualifications to safely administer stronger relaxing drugs associated with IV sedation.

With so many options available in one place to create the most comfortable experience possible, the Smile Center can offer extensive procedures such as the placement of dental implants, which many dentists refer out to specialists.

While the need for restorative dental care may increase as you or a loved one gets older, the same chronic medical conditions that promote the development of oral disease also pose challenges associated with sedation in seniors. Dr. Kent will assess each patient’s health history, current medications, and other factors before selecting the safest sedative technique.

While the Smile Center likes to cater to cowards, the team certainly does not want patients to remain that way forever. You may enter the Smile Center office a coward and leave courageous and with a brighter, healthier smile. Dr. Kent and his team are your answer to, “Can I find sedation dentistry near me?” For appointments, call .