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Transparent consultation on sedation dentistry cost and payment options earns positive client reviews in Buffalo

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The Smile Center lovingly says, “We cater to cowards.” We take great pride in making even the most apprehensive patient feel relaxed. Nothing is more gratifying to our team than to get reviews from our patients telling us how comfortable they felt at the office and during their treatment.

We want patients who have avoided the dentist to no longer do so, and to keep coming back to see us. These patients avoid a host of painful and complex dental procedures, and medical conditions such as diabetes and stroke, associated with tooth decay and tooth loss.

You are not alone

Don’t feel embarrassed about your fear. The American Association of Endodontists reports more than 80 percent of Americans are anxious about dental procedures. The fear is so bad for some patients that they only see the dentist when they have to, during an emergency. The AAE also found survey respondents were less anxious about public speaking and job interviews than dental appointments.

Addressing fear

The Smile Center can ease your worry with sedation dentistry. Sedation and anesthesia has a commendable record in dental circles. Dr. Gordon Kent is one of the few general practitioners in the Buffalo area to meet the state’s strict licensing requirements to administer the most powerful calming treatment. Since our practice has advanced training and certification, we can offer more sedative options than other practices in the region.

Depending on the level of fear, health status, medications, and other factors, Dr. Kent and his team can administer sedative drugs in the following ways:

  • Breathing laughing gas
  • By mouth in liquid or pill form (also known as enteral sedation)
  • Intravenously (IV)

Eliminating price panic

Sedation can be a must-have to dull discomfort during and after dental procedures. As such, we want to assure any cost associated with this vital calming agent is not an obstacle to your having the best experience possible.

Insurance coverage for sedative dentistry varies by provider and plan. A Flexible Spending Account may also help to bring down the cost.

If you don’t have insurance or any other dental plan, The Smile Center Plan provides savings on standard treatment costs for one low annual fee. We also regularly offer discounts on procedures, including IV sedation.

Costs of sedation and associated expenses may be more manageable courtesy of Care Credit or American Health Care Card. These health care-specific cards allow you to finance the treatment, spreading the cost out over time. This results in lower monthly payments for you. Treatment may be financed at no interest, depending on terms.

The Smile Center’s open, collaborative approach is reflected by our explanation of sedation dentistry cost and reviews in Buffalo. We want to earn your trust by offering many safe, affordable options for sedation dentistry. Call .