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Buffalo NY dentist addresses various levels of anxiety, sources of fear with sedation, practice built around comfort

Dentist curing a female patient

The Smile Center takes great pride in the ability to put even the most anxious or fearful patients at ease. While we’d like to say this ability to relax patients is purely due to our staff’s friendly and charming personalities, we can’t take all the credit. We get a little help from relaxing medications that may be administered before the procedure to help your cares float away.

Options for every level of fear

When you think of ways to ease pain at the dental office, laughing gas may be the first thing that comes to mind. Most dentists deliver the laughing gas through a mask to calm you down. However, Dr. Gordon offers more than laughing gas.

He understands not every patient is merely “anxious.” Your fear may be so great that you have avoided the dental treatment you so desperately need. You may have suffered with great pain due to your fear of dental treatment.

If you are one of these patients, Dr. Kent may find enteral sedation or intravenous (IV) sedation is a better option. With the former, a calming pill will be prescribed and taken prior to treatment. With the latter, a sedative is delivered into the veins via a tube. Options such as laughing gas and enteral sedation may be used together to make your experience as comfortable as possible.

Dr. Kent received additional training and certification to be able to safely deliver these calming methods for the benefit of his patients. He is one of the few general practitioners in Greater Buffalo to meet New York State’s strict licensing standards.

Addressing another source of fear

In recent years a number of studies conducted by the American Dental Association and others have found “cost” is reported more often than “anxiety over visiting the dentist” as the reason they don’t keep necessary dental appointments.

The irony of this is the longer you go without visiting the dentist, the larger those costs will be. With time conditions such as gum disease get worse. If these conditions go untreated symptoms which may have been addressed or even reversed with a professional cleaning and modifications to at-home oral hygiene may now require more extensive treatments such as root canals or dental implants to replace teeth should they fall out or require extraction.

With a sedation dentist right here in Buffalo NY there is no reason to put of the procedures you need for good health anymore. The Smile Center has built a practice that revolves around patient comfort. Features that contribute to a comfortable experience that keeps you coming back include “gag-less” dental X-rays and various ways to pay for sedation and treatments. Call to discover today’s comfortable dentistry.