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Tips for straightening teeth with removable aligners from your Buffalo dentist

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Invisalign has grown to be one of the most popular methods for gaining a straighter, more attractive smile. With the discreetness and comfort that this type of orthodontic treatment offers, people of all ages find it appealing, with millions finally getting the smiles they have always wanted. Getting your best smile using removable aligners from your Buffalo dentist has several benefits.

This is, in fact, the feature that people seem to like the most about Invisalign. These trays are custom made from strong, clear plastic. Their unique design facilitates physical comfort, and allows you to maintain your normal lifestyle. Because aligners can be removed for meals, you are not forced to give up foods that you enjoy while you straighten your smile. Though many people remove aligners for meals, these appliances are commonly left in while drinking. The formal recommendation is, however, that aligners be removed for the consumption of beverages other than water, as well as for meals.

It is important to know that the clear plastic aligners worn to gently urge teeth into their proper position have certain needs in order to remain fully intact and healthy. Most people who undergo Invisalign treatment take care of aligners by rinsing them or brushing them gently after meals. The reason for being vigilant with removal is that the plastic aligners may be affected by certain factors found in some beverages, as well as factors in certain foods. These factors may pose a risk to the aligners themselves, or to teeth.

The effect of beverages on Invisalign aligners

Invisalign aligners are shaped from strong durable plastic. This material, in order to be molded to the model of teeth, is heat-softened. With this background, it is possible that the removable aligner trays may change in shape if left in during the consumption of hot beverages like coffee or tea. If the shape of trays is altered, the fit is as well, and teeth will not be moved as they should.

Aligners may also become stained if worn when consuming dark-colored drinks like tea and coffee, as well as colas or even colored fruit juice. Discoloration on aligners is especially likely if aligners have not been rinsed and brushed adequately, and there is any film or tartar buildup. Should discoloration occur, it cannot be removed. Because each set of aligner trays is only worn for about two weeks, any discoloration that occurs should be fairly light. To keep the risk of staining to a minimum, gently brush and rinse aligners at least once a day. This not only keeps aligners looking good, but also diminishes the occurrence of bad breath.

The effects of beverages on teeth

Wearing Invisalign aligners the majority of each day, teeth are separated from soft tissues in the mouth, and also separated from saliva. This substance is vital to healthy teeth, diluting bacterial waste, and protecting teeth from cavity development. When there is a decrease in the amount of saliva in direct contact with teeth, the risk of tooth damage increases. Though they fit snugly, aligners will allow a small amount of liquid to enter. This means that some saliva will reach teeth, and also that beverages can reach teeth as well. Should a sugary or acidic beverage be consumed while aligners are in place, remnants of this treat will remain on teeth, inside of the aligner. This scenario, in which there is decreased saliva and the presence of sugar or acid, puts teeth at great risk of cavity development.

The goal of Invisalign is to create a straighter, more beautiful smile. Wearing aligners as directed – and removing them as directed – will ensure that your smile is all you want it to be.

You deserve to feel great about your smile. Contact us to see how Invisalign can help you accomplish your smile goals.