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Primary benefits of immediate dentures


While very often people will ask the question what is an immediate denture, an immediate denture is a type of solution that we use so that a patient who has some very, very severe problems, and therefore needs to have a lot of teeth removed all at once can have a replacement that’s put in immediately. And this replacement that’s put in immediately might just be a is usually just a temporary replacement. And it’s used while they’re healing. So we will call it a healing denture.

I prefer that term over an immediate denture. It’s the healing denture that’s placed in there while they’re healing so that they can have a wonderful smile that they’re absolutely delighted with. And we’ll take them through that phase while their body is healing. And then we can fabricate for them a more long-lasting solution. Whether that involves implants or an involves another denture, or it involves bridge work, it becomes a wonderful solution. So very often we can take a patient like this, who doesn’t always want to have this work done but is very frightened of it. It’s natural to be frightened of this type of thing. And what we can do is we can put them to sleep.

We have a board-certified anesthesiology group that we work with and when they awake from their sleep, they will have a new smile in their mouth. A beautiful smile. So many of our patients are so shocked by how beautiful it is that they actually break out in tears of joy. And with that, that’s a healing denture that’s very often placed or an immediate denture.