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Orthodontic treatment options for Buffalo, NY and 14225 area patients

Orthodontic model and dentist tools

A misaligned smile can do more than hurt a person’s self-esteem. It can also be harmful to the health of the mouth. When teeth are crooked, it creates pockets of space where food particles can become trapped and not easily removed by brushing. Additionally, if the teeth are crowded together, it can cause pressure and discomfort while also being challenging to brush and floss between the teeth.

Orthodontic treatment can help patients improve the alignment of their teeth. However, when many patients think of orthodontics they imagine the traditional treatment of metal brackets and wires. While some teenagers view braces as a rite of passage, most adults would prefer to avoid them. In those cases, patients often opt for Invisalign. A new technology that allows dentists to help patients shift their teeth into place by using a series of clear alignment trays.

The trays are made of a soft plastic material. Therefore in addition to being nearly invisible to friends and family, the treatment is also more comfortable. There are no metal brackets to scratch the inside of the mouth and no sharp wires that can break and cut the cheek. The treatment is also largely conducted at home by the patient. Several check up appointments with the dentist will be necessary to ensure that the teeth are shifting appropriately, but patients simply follow a pre-determined regimen, swapping out one tray for the next in the series approximately every two weeks.

Overall, most patients find that Invisalign offers them many advantages over traditional braces. Dr. Gordon Kent of the Smile Center in Buffalo, NY, is proud to offer this treatment to his patients in the 14255 region. Dr. Kent understands that the way patients look can often impact the way they feel. If you’ve been considering orthodontic treatment and would like to discuss your options, call the Smile Center today.

Dr. Kent will first examine your mouth to determine how severe your misalignment is. Next he will discuss your options for straightening your teeth. Together, you and Dr. Kent will make a decision about which method of treatment is best for you, taking into consideration your lifestyle, time factors, and budget.

For more information about Invisalign, call today.