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Can Adults Undergo Orthodontic Treatment?

Senior man 70-75 years old, having visited the dental office for treatment

Having a beautiful smile is important. First impressions are often based on an individual’s smile, as it can be the first thing that others notice about somebody. A beautiful smile can be beneficial in various aspects of a person’s life, making a positive impact on their personal and business relationships.

However, not everyone was able to afford or receive orthodontics in the past. This is why many adults with crooked teeth may consider orthodontic treatment later in life. Buffalo NY dentist, Dr. Kent, of the Smile Center, encourages adults to undergo orthodontia to achieve their ultimate smile. There is no reason that anyone should go about their life with imperfections in their smile, and orthodontics can help patients boost their self-esteem while enjoying the confidence that comes with a beautiful smile.

Having a straighter smile is beneficial for several reasons. Straight teeth are easier to clean, which can improve your overall dental hygiene. Patients can make strong first impressions on business and personal prospects, and can show off their self-confidence easily through a simple smile to others. It is quite easy to say that orthodontic treatment can completely change a patient’s life. For anyone who has struggled with an imperfect smile, he or she can vouch for the fact that their life improved after they underwent orthodontic treatment.

Orthodontics is not just for teenagers anymore. Adults who have the finances and time to improve their smile can do just that with orthodontics from the Smile Center. Whether patients opt for traditional metal bracket and wire braces or want an alternative such as Invisalign, Dr. Kent can help. With years of experience in working with orthodontic patients and providing straighter smiles for patients of all ages, Dr. Kent, and his professional team can assist in straightening teeth and improve smiles, one patient at a time!

If you are in the Buffalo NY area and considering cosmetic treatments such as orthodontics, call Dr. Kent of the Smile Center and schedule a consultation appointment today. Request an examination to determine what forms of orthodontic treatments you are a candidate for, and find out how affordable your new smile can be!