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How does oral sedation work on Buffalo patients?

Dentist talking with young patient in dental clinic

It is common for patients of all ages to be fearful of the dentist. Many Americans are anxious when it comes to dental care. Thankfully, patients can overcome this with oral sedation. Buffalo area practice, the Smile Center, offers oral sedation for those who want to be calmed and comforted for their dental care. Oral sedation, also known as enteral sedation, is a way in which a patient can be relaxed for an appointment by taking medication prescribed by the dentist.

Oral sedation is wonderful. It is a simple way to relax a patient while keeping him or her conscious with the ability to follow simple commands and answer questions throughout the treatment. Many patients describe the feeling as if they have had a couple of alcoholic drinks or as if they are floating through the clouds. This makes it a beneficial way for frightened patients to be more relaxed in the dental office.

At the Smile Center, we talk to patients before their treatments about how the process of oral sedation, or enteral sedation, works. The patient will receive a prescription for an oral medication from the dentist. He or she will pick up the prescription, and take the pills before the appointment, as recommended. Very often, we will also add laughing gas to intensify the sedation effect. The patient will need to have someone else drive them to and from the dental office, as patients are not allowed to drive or operate machinery while under this medication. Once the patient arrives, he or she should be relaxed enough to receive treatment while working with the dentist throughout. The patient’s ride will transport him or her home to rest and sleep after the treatment, and when the sedative wears off, the dental treatment will be complete.

Oral sedation, or enteral sedation, is great for patients who are fearful of dental care, or even for patients who are undergoing long, extensive procedures.