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New York dentist offers immediate dentures as a solution for missing teeth

Immediate Dentures from dentist in Buffalo

Located in Buffalo, New York, Dr. Gordon Kent and the team at Smile Center understand the fear patients experience at the thought of being without teeth. However, holding on to painful or infected teeth is not worth the fear. With immediate dentures you do not have to be toothless or in pain. In our dental team’s experienced hands, your teeth can be extracted and dentures can be placed in a single visit.

A convenient solution for missing teeth

Previously, patients needing dentures would have to go through several dental appointments, extractions, and months of healing before receiving your permanent dentures. Thanks to immediate dentures, there is a new solution for missing teeth. We understand the need for convenience and the desire to have all of your teeth. With immediate dentures, we can accommodate that need.

Additional advantages of immediate dentures include the following:

  • Depending upon how many teeth need to be replaced, a partial or full denture is placed at the time of extraction. There is no need for the general public to see you without teeth.
  • With a denture in place, the gum tissue is protected. This helps minimize bleeding and complications. The denture speeds the healing process so your mouth recovers quickly.
  • Immediate dentures make it so you do not have to go without teeth. Your mouth easily becomes accustomed to the functionality of the denture. Speaking and eating become natural.

Choose the best denture for your needs

Our dental team discusses your individual needs to ensure you are getting the best denture. Fit and aesthetics are important. We will review the factors regarding the denture process such as the number of teeth to be extracted, patient’s lifestyle needs, the fit and care of dentures, and your expectations. It is important for patients to know the steps and to understand their oral health and procedures. Come to your appointment with any questions or concerns you may have regarding immediate dentures.

Don’t let the fear of being without teeth keep you from a beautiful, healthy smile. Immediate dentures are available. Contact Smile Center today for a consultation.