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IV sedation dentistry one of the various ways your Buffalo dentist improves your dental experiences

An anesthesiologist monitors the condition of a patient

Just in our general area, hundreds of people avoid receiving dental care due to anxiety. For some people, apprehension is so great that even calling a dental office to make an appointment is difficult. Dental anxiety is different for each person. Whether you fall into the highly anxious category or are simply a busy person who has a hard time relaxing for dental treatment, you may find immense benefit in IV sedation dentistry, offered by your experienced Buffalo dentist.

Dr. Gordon Kent and the team of Smile Center offer patients a three-pronged approach to care. In this way, we take every measure to help patients remain comfortable physically and emotionally.

We do not overlook the importance of a comfortable patient. Our office is designed to be a soothing, welcoming environment, setting the tone for pleasant visits. In our practice, patients will notice pleasantries as soon as they make their appointment, beginning with our friendly office staff. In the office, cleanliness and modern equipment show patients that we strive for the highest level of care.

The communication that comes from our staff is also a part of overall comfort. We are happy to answer questions, and do not rush patients through visits. When providing details about treatments, we offer extensive information in a way that makes sense to the patient. Our philosophy is that our patients are not to be worked on; they are to be worked with. In this way, we help each person create an individual dental plan that accomplishes his or her goals.

Comfort also comes from technology, which is the second prong in our approach to care. This is achieved with state-of-the-art instruments, diagnostic testing, comfortable treatment chairs, and amenities.

Lastly, there is sedation dentistry. Sedation has helped a great many people correct years of neglect to their oral care. We understand that neglect is not due to a lack of concern, but to anxiety. Smile Center offers three different types of sedation: laughing gas, enteral (oral) sedation, and IV sedation, all of which are extremely effective at reducing even severe anxiety.

Anxiety does not have to stand in the way of your oral health. Contact Smile Center today to learn more about sedation dentistry.