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IV sedation greatly reduces the emotional cost of dental care in Buffalo NY

Happy smiling dentist and patient having relaxed visit at dental office

People consider many aspects of care when choosing a dentist. Right up at the top of the list are experience, expert training, and proper licensure. Beyond that, the variety of services a dentist offers can actually be overwhelming. Those with dental phobias know what to look for, though, a dental office that places a priority on patient comfort. Smile Center is a dental practice in which patient experience is honored. Our level of care in the area of IV and other types of sedation significantly reduces the emotional cost on our patients from Buffalo, NY and surrounding areas.

You do not have to have dental anxiety to experience the immense benefits of sedation dentistry. We treat hundreds of patients, many of which choose sedation for reasons other than emotional comfort.

Maximum effect

In some situations, a patient may require several appointments in order to complete extensive dental work. There are instances in which this cannot be changed. Dental restorations, for instance, need to be made in a laboratory, so they require at least two visits. In instances where appointments would be divided to reduce fatigue or irritation from sitting in the dental chair for long periods, sedation can enable patients to receive all care in one visit without fatigue.

Sedation causes both the mind and the body to relax. This makes patients more comfortable, during their appointments, and after. Under sedation, there is no restlessness, agitation, impatience, or claustrophobia. Because the muscles of the body and face are more relaxed under sedation, post-treatment soreness is also greatly diminished. Sedation makes hours feel like minutes, which makes it easy for a patient to complete lengthy dental care in a single visit.

Maximum efficiency

Even for people who do not fear dental care, there can be a natural instinct to flinch or move away. These reactions are so instinctive that they often cannot be avoided, even when the patient does his or her best to hold still during treatments. Sedation significantly reduces a person’s response to stimuli, minimizing movements such as trembling, the gag reflex, and other involuntary movements. As such, sedation increases comfort as well as cooperation, allowing our team to focus on the procedure.

Dr. Gordon Kent offers laughing gas and enteral (oral) sedation in addition to IV sedation because he believes his patients deserve to feel comfortable when receiving professional care. Sedation can improve both physical and emotional comfort, making each visit more pleasant.

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