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What is IV Sedation?

Doctor dentist holding syringe, pursuing dental anesthesia procedure

Anxiety or fear can cause individuals not to receive the dental care they need and deserve. Many patients avoid making dental appointments due to this unwarranted fear of the dentist’s chair. However, dentists such as Dr. Kent, of The Smile Center, offer various forms of sedation to help ease the patient’s concerns, including IV sedation. Buffalo NY residents can rely on IV sedation to relax and become comfortable during their dental visit.

IV sedation is one of the strongest forms of dental sedation, and requires a specialized license to administer. It is a type of conscious dental sedation, and induces deeper conscious sedation that allows patients the ability to be greatly reduced anxiety and often no memory of the procedures being done. Unlike general anesthesia, patients are semi-conscious throughout the procedure. They are able to respond to instructions from the dentist, and breathe and swallow on their own. Patients are carefully monitored during the entire procedure when under IV sedation. It is highly effective.

For those who do not need strong sedation such as IV sedation, there are other ways for Dr. Kent to comfort patients.

Enteral conscious sedation, which allows patients to take a pill before their appointment, can also help with anxious or fearful patients to relax not only during the dental visit but also reduce worry before the dental appointment.

laughing gas sedation, is also available and wonderful. It not only will make you happier, but it often will also reduce memory, and an added bonus is that the patient is able to drive themselves home immediately after having had only laughing gas because it wears off quickly.

Each sedation type has its own specific benefits, and every patient requires different levels of sedation. Before their dental appointment and procedures, patients can discuss their sedation needs thoroughly so that they and the dentist can determine which type of sedation is right for them.

Sedation can be used for patients that are not only fearful, but for patients with strong gag reflexes, or those undergoing extremely long procedures.

At the Smile Center, “We Cater To Cowards!” Dr. Kent wants to ensure that all patients are relaxed and comfortable as possible during their treatment. A beautiful healthy smile makes a happy patient, and by providing various levels of sedation, patients can enjoy visiting the dental office more than ever before.

If you want to learn more about sedation dentistry and find a way to make it to an appointment without the overwhelming fear and anxiety, call The Smile Center today to schedule a consultation about your smile and learn how sedation dentistry can help.