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We see our patients through the Invisalign process with personalized care in our Buffalo practice

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Many people feel the desire to improve upon their smiles through orthodontic treatment. In many instances, Invisalign provides the path to straighten the smile without feeling uncomfortable about wearing metal bracket and wire braces. This system, with its clear plastic aligner trays, is seen as more convenient, comfortable, and far more discreet than traditional orthodontics. Correcting misalignment with Invisalign may take anywhere from six to eighteen months, during which time your smile remains visible and natural through the clear aligner trays. The discreetness of Invisalign is only one of the reasons this treatment is so popular. Having the ability to remove aligner trays for dining and oral hygiene makes this method of teeth straightening even more appealing. To ensure optimal results, we see our patients through the Invisalign process from start to finish, all within our comfortable Buffalo dental office.

Teamwork leads to winning results

There are several people behind every smile transformation. Dr. Kent consults with patients regarding their concerns, and discusses options that will help them accomplish their goals. Invisalign treatment is designed based on specific needs, and is helped along with continual support from our professional dental team. Ultimately, you are an important part of your smile transformation team. You are the one who commits to wearing the Invisalign trays as instructed, and who maintains excellent oral hygiene throughout the course of treatment to ensure your teeth and gums remain their healthiest. Your efforts in your own smile transformation are rewarded for your lifetime.

Slow and steady wins the race

Straightening misaligned teeth is a process. It is a journey, not a race. With Invisalign, the process is easier because there are no metal brackets with pointy edges poking into your cheek. There is no metal in your smile. Invisalign works in a similar fashion to traditional orthodontics, moving teeth into their proper positions through constant, gentle pressure. The pressure loosens and retrains the ligament that runs through gum tissue, holding teeth in place. Because this ligament has a memory for what it considers normal position, orthodontic treatment is just the first step in creating a beautiful smile that lasts your lifetime.

Retaining an attractive smile aesthetic

Following treatment with effective, comfortable Invisalign, patients are fitted with a retainer for daily wear. This follow-up to braces is standard, no matter what form of orthodontic treatment has taken place. A retainer, which may be fixed or removable, ensures that teeth remain in their new position over time, as the periodontal ligament will naturally want to return to its former position. Wearing a retainer as directed by your dentist is important for the preservation of your new, gorgeous smile. Neglecting to maintain this follow-up step could result in the need for further orthodontic treatment in the future.

Investing into your smile returns huge rewards throughout your life. Protecting your investment is easy with customized follow-up dental care after orthodontic treatment.

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