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Invisalign procedure from a Buffalo, NY dentist

Holding invisalign braces on blur background

The Invisalign procedure is an alternative to traditional metal or ceramic braces. A set of clear plastic “aligners” are custom made for you rather than the more uncomfortable wires and metal brackets. Many people prefer the Invisalign treatment over traditional orthodontic treatment.

The process is very simple. To start, you set up an initial consultation with your provider. You will receive detailed information about your case; including if Invisalign is right for you. Questions, such as cost of the procedure and insurance concerns, can be addressed at that time.

Your doctor will take dental X-rays, photographs, and make an impression of your teeth. A treatment plan will be created. Your dentist will show you the 3D model of your teeth and how they will change during treatment. Every case is unique; most adult procedures last approximately one year and treatments for teens are similar to traditional braces.

You will receive custom-made aligners that fit over your teeth. You will wear them throughout the day; removing them to brush your teeth or to eat. Your teeth will gradually begin to move into the alignment that you and your doctor agreed on. You will have a new aligner approximately every two weeks. Follow up appointments with your dentist are approximately every six weeks; however, you may have a new appointment every time you need to change aligners. Frequency of appointments are up to you and your dental provider.

After completing your treatment plan, a retainer maybe needed to maintain the alignment. Your dentist will know best whether or not it is required.

Many people prefer the Invisalign over traditional braces because the aligners are clear plastic; therefore, are not as noticeable as metal or ceramic braces. The BPA-free plastic does not have sharp edges like the metal does and it will not cause as much irritation to the inside of the mouth. Traditional braces also have restrictions on what you are able to eat or drink and can be difficult to maintain oral hygiene. The Invisalign device is removed while eating and drinking so the traditional problems of brackets breaking, tooth discoloration, or plaque buildup around the brackets and wires does not happen.

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