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The process of Internal teeth whitening for Buffalo patients

Internal teeth whitening in Buffalo NY

When a patient has undergone root canal therapy on a tooth, they may notice that the tooth becomes darkened. This can happen due to the filling used to seal the tooth after the treatment, among other reasons, but it can still be improved with a teeth whitening procedure called Internal teeth whitening. Buffalo residents can visit the Smile Center in order to have internal teeth whitening done on teeth that have previously had root canal treatment completed.

The process of internal teeth whitening is relatively simple. First, the dentist will place Vaseline on the lips to keep them from becoming dry and cracked, and will place a rubber dam into the mouth to protect the rest of the teeth from the whitening agent. A hole is created to access the inner portion of the tooth, and material is placed over the root canal filling to protect it from the whitening agents. Bleaching product is introduced into the tooth, and a temporary filling is placed to allow the bleach to work. The patient will return to the dental office approximately one week later to remove the bleaching agents and place a permanent filling. There may be instances when more than one bleaching treatment will be done, but this will depend on how the tooth is responding to the treatment.

This is one way to address the discoloration of a tooth after a root canal. Other possibilities include the placement of a veneer or dental crown over the tooth to hide the discoloration. However, in some cases, internal teeth whitening may be the best, most affordable option to lighten the tooth.

The team at the Smile Center in Buffalo is proud to offer internal teeth whitening and they will help patients improve their smile by whitening teeth that have previously had root canal treatment. This is a wonderful way to target a single tooth and improve its appearance without having to undergo full teeth whitening for the entire smile. This targeted method is often recommended for patients who are experiencing the discoloration in just one tooth that has darkened due to root canal therapy.