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How to get over your fear of going to the dentist in Buffalo, NY with sedation dentistry

How to Get Over Your Fear of Going to the Dentist in Buffalo NY

At the Smile Center of Buffalo, NY, patients who are interested in visiting the dentist may have some anxieties about doing so. However, with sedation, you can learn how to get over your fear of going to the dentist and have a positive experience every time!

What is sedation dentistry?

Dr. Gordon Kent uses sedation to help patients feel relaxed and at ease, regardless of the treatment being obtained. Our practice offers several different types of sedation to choose from, depending on how high the level of anxiety is. Below are the options patients can learn about when they consult with our dentist:

  • Enteral sedation – enteral sedation, or “oral conscious sedation,” is better for patients with mild to moderate anxieties. This type of sedation is a prescription medication. The medication must be taken approximately thirty minutes to one hour before patients are transported to the dental office for their treatment. They will arrive relaxed and calm and ready for their treatment. Enteral sedation can be used for extensive procedures or even simple cleanings, depending on the level of anxiety the patient deals with. It can also be combined with laughing gas or IV sedation.
  • IV sedation – for patients with severe anxieties, our team provides IV sedation. This sedation is administered directly into the bloodstream to help patients reach a deep relaxation during their procedure. This is best for patients who are undergoing major dental work such as smile rehabilitation or the placement of several dental implants. This level of sedation is administered and monitored by our dental team to ensure patients are safe throughout the treatment, and to adjust the administration of medication if needed.

Which sedation method is most appropriate for my needs?

At the Smile Center, we want our patients to feel at ease when they visit to ensure a positive experience. With three different options for sedation, we find that many of our patients can find the one that best suits their level of anxiety. We encourage patients to book a consultation appointment with Dr. Gordon Kent to discuss sedation and choose the method best for them.

Ready to get over your fear of the dentist?

Call the practice of Dr. Gordon Kent at to speak to our team about the advantages of sedation. The Smile Center is conveniently located at 4427 Union Road and is accepting new patients and families seeking quality dental care.