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The benefits of enteral sedation in Buffalo

Dentist examining a patients teeth in the dentists chair at the dental clinic

At Smile Center in Buffalo, NY, we understand how paralyzing and agonizing fear can be – and we don’t want our patients to feel that way. Sedation is a safe, effective way for the most anxious, fearful patients to receive much needed dental care. It even enables phobic individuals to feel comfortable enough to enjoy the benefits of elective cosmetic dentistry. We offer three levels of sedation, along with gentle dentistry, to give you a reason to smile.

Inhaled laughing gas is the lightest level, helping you relax. IV sedation is the most powerful, inducing a sleep-like state of semi-consciousness. Enteral sedation is mid-level, between the two. It can also be used in conjunction with laughing gas. Why do we offer so many different types of sedatives? We strive to provide pain-free, stress-free dentistry, and we realize that each patient is different. Compassion and customized care are the keys to an exceptional dental experience.

The benefits of enteral sedation include:

  • You can relax – Patients describe feeling fear and anxiety melt away as the medication takes effect. Most people feel unconcerned and somewhat disinterested in their surroundings, along with an elevation in mood.
  • Remain conscious and in control – Enteral sedation is not general anesthesia. Most likely, you will likely feel pleasantly drowsy. You may relax and fall asleep, but you will be able to awaken easily. At all times you will remain in control of your body.
  • No needle – The sedative is administered via oral medication, so an IV is not necessary. This is a great solution for needle-phobic patients. If injectable local anesthetics are used, the sedative can take the stress out of those injections.
  • Eliminate anticipation anxiety – Some patients prefer this sedation technique because it takes effect gradually after the pill is ingested. Laughing gas  and IV sedation take effect quickly, but they don’t help the pre-appointment nervousness. Enteral sedation allows you to begin relaxing before the appointment ever begins.

Don’t let fear stand between you and a beautiful, healthy smile. Visit Smile Center where we cater to cowards! Call and schedule an appointment today.