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When might a Buffalo, NY patient need emergency tooth removal?

Emergency Tooth Removal Buffalo, NY

Buffalo, NY area patients who are dealing with a severe toothache or injury to a tooth will need emergency care by an area emergency dentist. Dr. Gordon Kent of the Smile Center is pleased to offer patients the care they need. If a patient is struggling with trauma to a tooth that results in extreme pain, they may need emergency tooth removal. To determine this, patients need to call the Smile Center to get a same-day appointment during business hours or speak to our answering service about scheduling a next day visit.

When might I need emergency tooth removal?

Emergency tooth extraction may be done in situations when:

  • A tooth has been severely damaged and is beyond repair
  • A tooth has more trauma than can be covered and protected by a dental crown
  • A tooth is very loose in the mouth and cannot be successfully reattached by the dentist
  • A tooth has an infection or an abscess, and cannot be addressed successfully with root canal therapy
  • A tooth is impacted in the mouth and is causing discomfort (typical with wisdom teeth/third molars)

What can I expect with tooth extraction?

Dr. Gordon Kent of the Smile Center offers both surgical and non-surgical (or simple) tooth removal services. A surgical extraction is more invasive than a non-surgical removal. Surgical removal is done with proper anesthetics and sedation. The dentist cuts into the soft tissues to access the tooth in the jawbone to remove it. In non-surgical removal, the tooth has already erupted through the gum line. The dentist can grab onto the tooth and extract it from the socket with ease. This is faster and less invasive for patients in need of extractions.

Dr. Gordon Kent of the Smile Center offers both surgical and non-surgical (or simple) tooth removal services

What do I do after a tooth has been extracted?

Depending on what occurred that led up to the extraction, the dentist will often speak to patients about their tooth replacement options. It is best to have a tooth replaced as soon as possible. This reduces the risk of bone loss and helps patients maintain the function and beauty of their smile. There are many ways to replace missing teeth, including dentures, bridges, and implants. Dr. Gordon Kent and his team of professionals at the Smile Center in Buffalo, NY educate patients on their options to assist in choosing the solution most effective for their lifestyle and budget. We encourage patients to bring their dental insurance plan information as well, so our front office team can determine what benefits are available and can be used for the chosen tooth replacement option.

Request an appointment as soon as problems arise

Our office answers promptly during business hours if you have a dental emergency, and after hours, our answering service is here to help you with your situation. Call us at hours a day for emergency care. If you are dealing with excessive bleeding, trauma to the jawbone, or other injuries that require immediate attention, we recommend visiting your local hospital emergency room for care.