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Your Buffalo dentist can help save your tooth in an emergency

Dentist surgeon performing emergency dental surgery with assistant

One of the most alarming dental emergencies is an avulsed (knocked out) tooth. Many people assume that once the tooth has been separated from the socket, there is no hope of saving it. However, there is a chance of reattachment with quick action on your part, and the help of your dentist at Smile Center in Buffalo, NY.

If the tooth is handled properly and you see a dentist quickly, the root can reconnect with the bone tissue. There is a narrow time window for this to happen, so be sure to call our office right away. Re-implantation is most successful with younger children who have lost adult (secondary) teeth, but it is possible at any age. It is not recommended if a child lost a baby (primary) tooth.

What to do for a knocked out tooth:

  • Call Smile Center at .
  • Locate the tooth and pick it up by the crown (part that shows above the gumline). Rinse gently with tepid water.
  • Carefully try to insert it back in the socket. Be sure that you have the front of the tooth facing outward.
  • If the tooth will not go back in the socket easily, place it in a sterile container filled with milk.
  • Use a cool compress to ease pain.
  • Apply gentle pressure using a small piece of gauze to control bleeding if necessary.
  • Visit our office as soon as you can, and be sure to bring the tooth.

What not to do:

  • Don’t touch the root
  • Don’t remove any tissue that is clinging to the tooth
  • Don’t scrub or brush the tooth
  • Don’t use peroxide or alcohol to clean it

Remember – the most important step you can take in any dental emergency is to call us first. We are here when you need us. Our phones are answered by a real, knowledgeable employee 24 hours a day, who will be able to advise you and arrange for you to see a dentist as soon as possible. Call us at any time.