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Caring for dentures after treatment from your dentist in Buffalo

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Living with teeth that are severely damaged, or are missing altogether, can be embarrassing, inconvenient, uncomfortable, and more. Smile restoration with dentures can change the way you feel about your smile, as well as the way you experience life. Working with a talented denture dentist in Buffalo, you can regain the confidence you may have lost when the condition of your teeth became poor.

Not only does Dr. Kent design beautiful permanent dentures, he understands the importance of a lovely smile even after the removal of remaining teeth. At Smile Center, our patients can benefit from the immediate seating of a temporary denture appliance, with or without dental implants. This facilitates healing and allows you to feel confident in your smile right away.

Dentures may be made of materials that will resist the effects of oral bacteria, but this does not mean that they cannot be damaged. Oral hygiene is an important part of the healing process while awaiting permanent dentures. Additionally, this interim denture appliance needs to be cared for to avoid damage.

Some of the recommendations for denture care include:

  • Cleaning daily to eliminate oral bacteria and prevent plaque buildup. Your dentist will discuss with you precisely how to clean immediate dentures during the first week of healing, as appliances may need to remain in the mouth at all times until a follow up appointment.
  • When it is appropriate to remove dentures for cleaning, appliances should be cleaned over a soft surface. Some people place a towel in the sink as a precautionary measure. If dentures are dropped onto a hard surface, they may break.
  • Abrasive toothpastes can damage dentures, creating small scratches in their surface. There are numerous cleansers and brushes recommended for denture cleaning. Brushes will have softer bristles that clean without scratching. Adding a small amount of denture cleanser is all that’s necessary to keep appliances clean and smelling fresh.
  • Storage is an important factor for dentures, which may seem like a chew-toy for pets. In order to keep a denture safe when it is not in the mouth, it may be placed in a glass of plain water. This keeps materials hydrated in addition to creating a safe spot where pets and small hands may not reach.

We see many people who desire immediate dentures after tooth loss or removal. Our friendly dental team can help you determine the most suitable treatment for you, and help you learn to care for your new dentures. Contact Smile Center at for more information.