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Dental xray

An aspect of your physical and emotional wellbeing is your smile. The team at Smile Center keeps this in mind whether we are preserving healthy teeth or replacing teeth that have been damaged. Tooth replacement is a crucial step that requires meticulous planning and attention to the tiny details that make your smile all yours.

Patients who visit Smile Center receive the best possible care and planning for dentures. An experienced dentist who has served the Buffalo area for many years, Dr. Kent has seen numerous dental situations. The doctor and his team make no judgment on the state of any person’s oral health. Our role is to provide the utmost dental care in an environment that fosters trust and respect.

Immediate replacement of failing teeth

One of the aspects of tooth replacement that may cause undue anxiety is the thought of having to live without teeth for even a short period. We have teeth from the time we can remember and, although there is immense benefit in removing diseased teeth, having a toothless smile can have a detrimental impact on emotional wellbeing. We understand the importance of a healthy, attractive smile, which is one reason we love offering immediate dentures to our patients.

Immediate dentures are placed after a comprehensive process that begins with a thorough examination and consultation. We take images and measurements long before the day of extraction, which allows us to have a temporary, lifelike restoration ready for immediate placement.

The primary benefit of immediate dentures is that you never have to feel embarrassed about having a smile with no teeth. When leaving our office with a beautiful, full denture, you may even feel more confident in your smile than you have in a long time. Additionally, immediate dentures are good for healing. The gentle pressure placed on the gums after tooth extraction minimizes swelling and stabilizes clots that are necessary for optimal healing.

Tooth replacement that is done today is very different from just a few decades ago. The Smile Center team has extensive experience in the creation of well-fitting, attractive dentures. Learn more about our immediate denture process in your visit with us.