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Consider quality, trust, and experience when you are searching for a dentist “near me” in Buffalo, NY

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In recent years, dental associations have talked a lot about the dental home, another way of describing the ongoing relationship between doctor and patient. We are proud that our patients feel at home with us. Our team members have worked together for years, so when you come back you’ll see the same faces. It’s an opportunity to catch up with your “dental family,” with the added benefit of helping to maintain your oral health.

While it is never too late to make the Smile Center your dental home, we recommend children start visiting us before their first birthday. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry reports dental costs for a 5-year-old whose first appointment was in accordance with guidelines were 40 percent lower than their same-age counterpart whose parents delayed that visit. These figures represent treatments to correct decay caused by early childhood caries or baby bottle decay, a condition more common than asthma, early-childhood obesity, diabetes, and hay fever.

An ounce of (sugar-free) prevention

Much has been made of the damaging effect of soda on tooth enamel. As parents, we may encourage fruit drinks, thinking they are healthier than soda. We may even put infants to bed with bottles full of fruit juice, unknowingly promoting tooth decay responsible for early cavities. In fact, a University of Iowa study found apple juice was more corrosive to teeth roots than Diet Coke. The most corrosive drink wasn’t even soda. It was Gatorade.

At the Smile Center, we encourage you and your child to eat your fruit and not drink what may be heavy on sugar and light on natural fruit. We like to address habits early when possible, as they have implications for lifelong oral health. This intervention is complemented with preventive treatments such as sealants to protect hard-to-clean back teeth from decay.

On average, the American Dental Association reports sealant application nationwide costs less than $45 per tooth. By comparison, restorations ranging from amalgam fillings to porcelain crowns average $146 to $1,026. Topical fluoride, sealants, periodic exams, and periodic cleanings, combined were less than the average bill for one restorative treatment, a resin-based composite filling for a rear tooth.

Quality, affordable care for every life stage

In addition to financing, we also offer the Smile Center Plan. Patients without insurance or other dental plans tell us they are thankful for the free cleanings, emergency care, fluoride treatments, exams, and discounts on standard procedures that come with the low annual membership fee.

On the other end of the age spectrum, as we get older new conditions may arise. Worn restorations may need repairs. Certain medications (or medical conditions) may cause dry mouth. Without saliva to keep our teeth clean, they become vulnerable to decay.

Dry mouth may be addressed with saliva substitutes. Any structural problems may be treated with the most advanced restorations such as implant-supported dentures to help maintain the youthful fullness of your face and function of your teeth. Traditionally, loose or improperly fitting dentures promoted bone loss, contributing to a sunken and aged appearance, as well as difficulty with speech and chewing food.

The Smile Center is your answer to the question “Where can I find an excellent dentist near me in Buffalo, NY?” we want to remain your partner in health. While conditions such as gum disease have a genetic component, our approach takes into account the critical role of environment. Let us instill or help regain the good home care and regular professional visits vital to looking and feeling your best.