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No need for major sedation to receive comfortable care in Buffalo NY

Dentist treat teeth of woman patient in dental clinic

Dr. Kent is a dentist who understands there are many patients who feel frightened of receiving dental care. Smile Center has been designed for patient comfort. Not only does our experienced staff provide care in a gentle, compassionate manner, but we also offer services that enable anxious patients to regain their confidence in professional dental care. Sedation dentistry has been steadily evolving for several years. Today, there is no need to reserve this service for major procedures, nor is it necessary to have deep sedation for standard treatments. In our Buffalo, NY practice, we tailor sedation to each patient’s needs. Often, laughing gas is the ideal option for comfortable visits.

Laughing gas is one of the original forms of sedation used in medical and dental treatments. Some people call laughing gas for its tendency to promote relaxed, euphoric feelings. During dental treatments, laughing gasis breathed in along with oxygen, having no odor and no color. Some people do report a pleasant taste, though.

There are benefits to the various types of sedation used at Smile Center. With laughing gas, one of the benefits is the quick action of this sedative on the nervous system. Because gas sedative is inhaled, it reaches the bloodstream within about a minute. This method of delivery is also appealing because dosage can be consistently adjusted as needed throughout treatment. Our patients are constantly monitored, allowing us to maintain the ideal level of sedation for their greatest comfort.

When treatment is ending, we taper off the dosage of laughing gas until the patient is fully alert. At this time, there are no lingering effects from the sedative, which means patients are able to drive themselves home from appointments safely. Oral and IV sedation requires a driver and a day of rest.

Visiting the dentist does not have to be frightening, even for those who have gone years without treatment. Dr. Kent is an understanding dentist whose focus is to restore and maintain the oral health of each of our patients, not to find fault in oral health practices. At Smile Center, we offer the kind of dental care that helps you look forward to seeing the dentist! Contact us today for your visit.