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It’s true! Customized orthodontic treatment from your Buffalo dentist may be better than Invisalign

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Though there are millions of people who wish for a straighter, more attractive smile, many never seek treatment due to the appearance of metal braces. Just before the turn of the century, Align Technology introduced a new and improved way to straighten teeth – Invisalign aligners. Before the aligner method, the most discreet way to correct misalignment was to undergo conventional orthodontic treatment with clear braces or lingual braces, which sat on the inside of teeth. The truth is these options are still available today, even when Invisalign has proven to be incredibly effective. In fact, we offer customized orthodontic treatment in our Buffalo practice using both of these options.

The face of orthodontic treatment was forever changed the moment that marketing began for Invisalign. Of course, there are many appropriate cases in which Invisalign can produce optimal results. This method of teeth straightening immediately experienced a high demand, due to the fact that the manufacturer advertised directly to consumers, rather than going through professional providers. This approach gave many people the impression that teeth can be easily straightened without the need for brackets and wires. A significant way in which Invisalign changed orthodontics has been that there are now hundreds of thousands of non-specialists providing orthodontic treatment. What is important to understand is that, though effective in some cases, Invisalign is not always the premier teeth straightening treatment.

To date, there has been no orthodontic treatment that can rival the biomechanics of conventional braces in most situations. Many orthodontic cases could benefit from conventional treatment, as plastic aligner trays may not be able to apply the force needed to promote certain movements, such as making teeth longer or turning rounded teeth.

In marketing directly to the public, the makers of Invisalign placed orthodontists in the awkward position of having to play “the bad guys,” as trained professionals often have to deliver disappointing news to patients believing they can straighten teeth without braces. Our goal is to help our patients achieve their healthiest, most attractive smiles. When possible, we do this with aligners. When needed for optimal results, we will recommend conventional braces.

Straightening teeth, even when Invisalign is not the most suitable approach, does not mean you must be tethered to metal brackets and wires for a year or two. We understand that appearance is important, and offer clear braces as an alternative. Most importantly, Dr. Kent makes accurate diagnoses and plans treatment carefully so to achieve the best possible results.

Enjoy the smile you have always wanted. Contact us for your orthodontic consultation today.