Smile Center NY



Cost-Saving Solutions for Penfield Patients at Smile Center 


Many people come to us and are looking for cost-saving solutions. My particular focus is not on money. My particular focus is that the patient knows all the different solutions that are available to them. If cost is a factor for them, we definitely take that into account for them. I’ll still tell them everything that’s out there for them so that they have a knowledge of it. Then we’ll tell them what the fees are so that they can choose. Very often we work so hard so that they can know what the fee is in their very particular instance, what is going to be on the very day that they walk in, that we diagnose them quickly. And we figure out their insurance because we have experts in dealing with insurance, so patients can know what their out-of-pocket is going to be. And that we can then at the same time as fast as we possibly can, hopefully on that very same day, come up with an answer for that too. So a patient can actually begin their journey with starting to have their work done on their very first day if they’d like.