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Where can I find a cosmetic dentist near me?

Dental prosthesis working on the denture

A smile can speak volumes about one’s confidence and health, which is why many patients in the area of Buffalo are interested in learning about cosmetic dentistry solutions. Dr. Gordon Kent is a cosmetic dentist who offers patients a wide selection of services that can be used in achieving an aesthetic smile!


Dentures, including partial and full, are used as tooth replacement options when patients face extraction or experience injury to the smile that has caused tooth loss. Tooth replacement with dentures can be done quickly and easily in our practice while still remaining cost effective.

Dental implants

The “gold standard” of tooth replacement is that of dental implants, which are desired by many of our patients because they look and function like natural teeth. This makes them one of the best solutions for many of our patients who are interested in replacing just one or two teeth within the smile and want something more permanent than removable dentures.


Dr. Gordon Kent offers patients both traditional orthodontics (metal brackets and wires) as well as an alternative called Invisalign. This system uses aligner trays that are worn over the dental arch and can gently reposition the teeth into better alignment. Patients with more severe cases of malocclusion may still require conventional braces.


Sometimes called veneers, facings can be used to dramatically enhance the smile by covering up the front of the tooth and giving it a whole new look.

Teeth whitening

Professional grade teeth whitening is highly desirable when compared with over-the-counter whitening strips, trays, and pens. We offer both in-house whitening that provides same day results, as well as our take-home whitening kits for gradual improvements in the privacy of one’s home.

If you have been searching for a Buffalo area dentist “near me” that offers aesthetic services, contact the team at the Smile Center and book an appointment to speak with Dr. Gordon Kent. During an initial evaluation and consultation appointment, patients can design their own dental treatment plan to suit their specific needs and desires without breaking their budget.