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It may come as no surprise that the most common types of cosmetic dental procedures include facings and whitening. Who doesn’t want a luminous, bright, non-dingy smile?

These options are also an easy way to achieve a dramatic difference in your smile. When you have a nice smile, the whole world seemingly smiles with you. Numerous studies have found, among other things, that attractive smiles are more coveted than a thinner physique, wrinkle-free skin, and spider vein-free legs.

Since whitening treatments and facings are so popular, it may also come as no surprise that many dental offices offer these options. Yet very few dental offices have the expertise, experience, and approach to cosmetic dentistry treatments offered by Dr. Gordon Kent and his team at the Smile Center.

Where health and aesthetics meet

Unlike other so-called “whitening” products offered in the store or mall kiosks, Dr. Kent’s preferred option uses customized trays designed to fit your mouth for maximum comfort and even application of the whitening gel. You get results but, more importantly, any side effects such as gum irritation are minimized.

Ease of treatment

Dr. Kent is the region’s dental implant pioneer. He handles every step of the dental implant process, including surgery to place the implant or “new tooth root” — processes typically farmed out to specialists. Furthermore, any restorations such as crowns are made in Dr. Kent’s office. As such, there is no need to send impressions to a lab where technicians then make your new tooth or tooth structure.

Restorations designed and made in-house include facings. Courtesy of these thin layers of ceramic applied to the front of your teeth, you can walk into the Smile Center office with very dark or gray stains, chips, gaps, and misshapen teeth and walk out with an improved smile — free of spacing issues, discoloration, and irregular edges and surfaces.

Other dentists who send restorations to a partner lab must schedule a second appointment with the patient. During the first appointment, teeth are prepared to “accept” the facing(s). This involves removing a minuscule amount of enamel to accommodate the thickness of the facing. Impressions are taken, which then go to the lab that makes the restoration.

Another appointment would be necessary after the facing is completed by lab technicians. During this second visit, the facing is checked to assure it looks natural and fits properly, at which point it is finally bonded securely to the tooth.

Dr. Kent handles every step of this process within one appointment. There is no need to take more time off work or to wait to enjoy your new and improved teeth.

The Smile Center walks you through these and any other procedures to improve the look and even the function of your teeth. Dr. Kent and his team can also help ease the cost burden, through frequent discounts on these and other services.

The Smile Center Plan also provides savings on standard treatments and complementary procedures for one, low annual fee. A number of financing options are available to fit every financial situation, budget, and preference. Call your cosmetic dentist of choice in Buffalo NY at .