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Receiving complex dental care from your Buffalo dentist can be stress-free

Dentist interacting with mother and daughter

There are certain forms of dental treatment that make people uncomfortable just to think about. In people’s minds, root canal therapy has long been associated with anxiety, long procedures, and pain. We want our patients to experience anything but these things, and make visiting our office as pleasant as possible. Not only is our staff extremely skilled and friendly, but Smile Center provides sedation for those who feel anxious about undergoing complex dental care. In our Buffalo area practice, you do not have to fear root canal therapy.

The need for this restorative procedure is often discovered after a tooth has sustained a large cavity, and the inner area of the tooth has become infected because of the external damage. When the pulp, located near the root and nerve, is damaged, persistent pain develops. If not treated, this pain will worsen. The discomfort that some people associate with the root canal procedure is that which develops beforehand, not from treatment itself.

Though pain often develops first, there are instances in which infection is detected in its early stages, before the nerve in the pulp begins sending out strong sensations of pain. Discovering a problem with a tooth during your routine check-up is fortunate, as root canal therapy can be performed before discomfort develops. Your dental team at Smile Center is focused on helping you maintain optimal oral health. Root canal therapy is performed only when other restorative care is not sufficient for repair.

Visiting our office for prompt attention to tooth pain allows us to act in the most conservative manner to restore the damaged tooth. Even when root canal therapy becomes necessary, we ensure your comfort and peace of mind. Dr. Kent has performed a great number of root canal procedures, and he provides gentle, compassionate care that is perfect even for those who tend to experience dental anxiety.

We believe that your experiences at Smile Center should be positive for the promotion of your oral health. Root canal therapy and other common procedures are performed after the application of local anesthetic, and it may include the use of your chosen sedative. Incorporating sedation dentistry into our practice allows us to cater to cowards, because we understand how you feel!

You do not have to feel anxious about complex dental care with Dr. Kent. Contact us to experience the ultimate in stress-free dental care.