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How to achieve instant teeth whitening in Buffalo

Dr. Gordon Kent at The Smile Center in Buffalo explains How to achieve instant teeth whitening in Buffalo

If you think that your teeth have started yellowing, or you just want them to look whiter and cleaner than they do now, in-office teeth whitening in Buffalo is the perfect procedure for you. Whitening systems supervised by dentists are completely safe for your enamel. They effectively penetrate and remove the stains present on your teeth.

You get wonderful results with the procedure of in-office teeth whitening. The dentist will apply whitening gel with a strong concentration of peroxide on your teeth. Within an hour, the gel will break down the bonds of the stained molecules, making your teeth whiter and brighter.

Your dentist might use a high-powered light to activate the gel. These lights help oxygen penetrate the teeth thoroughly, providing even better results. Sometimes, the dentist may combine take-home and in-office methods for better and longer-lasting results with teeth whitening.

The process of in-office teeth whitening

Preparation of your teeth

Before beginning the treatment, the dental hygienist will thoroughly clean your gums and teeth. This is to ensure that bacteria, tartar, or food particles do not cause any interference in the teeth-whitening procedure.

Application of the whitening agent

The process of in-office teeth whitening

After the initial prep work is done, the dentist will carefully apply the whitening gel on the surface of the teeth. The dentist will cover your dental enamel evenly so that the end result appears natural.

It is very important that the gel does not touch any part of your gums. If it is not properly applied, the gel will cause irritation to the soft tissues of your gums. To prevent this from happening, the dentist will use a protective barrier to cover your gums. Only once the barrier is securely in place, the dentist will apply the whitening solution to your teeth as part of professional teeth whitening in Buffalo.

Working of the whitening gel

The gel must remain on your teeth for a certain amount of time, determined by your dentist. The dentist might also use a specialized light for optimal results depending on the treatment you selected. Generally, the longer your teeth are covered with the whitening gel, the better results you will get. Most of the procedures are performed in short intervals.

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Usually, the dentist applies the gel three times. The gel remains on your teeth for a period of fifteen minutes before it is removed and the dentist applies a new layer. In one hour your smile will lighten by up to eight shades.

Depending on the condition of your teeth or the whiteness you desire, you may need to undergo one or more in-office teeth whitening procedures.


Even though the end result is different for everyone, you will notice a definite improvement in the brightness of your smile after the treatment

The results of the treatment can vary sometimes. As everyone’s teeth are unique, the results are not completely predictable. Still, most patients are happy with the results. The factors which contribute to the outcome of the treatment and on which the brightness of the smile will depend on include:

  • The level of stains
  • The location of the stains on the teeth
  • Dietary habits and lifestyle
  • The treatment of teeth whitening selected
  • The number of treatments

After the Treatment

Even though the end result is different for everyone, you will notice a definite improvement in the brightness of your smile after the treatment. If you have undergone in-office treatment, the results will be immediate. The results of at-home treatment appear over a period of time.

Maintaining your Teeth after the Treatment

Although you will get immediate results after the treatment, stains might reappear in the following months. The treatment does not stop your teeth from staining again, so you may need to undergo more whitening treatments to maintain the results. However, follow the repeat treatments only under the guidance of a trained and experienced dentist.

If you select the right dentist for teeth whitening in Buffalo after a careful evaluation, the result will be a dazzling and beautiful smile that will look completely natural.