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What are Alternatives to Dental Implants?

Chromium removable partial denture on blue background

Many patients consider dental implants when wanting to address a missing tooth or teeth. They may find that dental implants are the best restoration for the money, and can provide a permanent solution to their lost natural teeth. However, dental implants are not for everyone. Some patients may not be able to afford them right away, while others may be looking for a short-term solution. Some patients want a solution that does not involve additional surgery. Some patients want a faster solution than the time it takes to complete implant replacement treatment. Other patients may not be viable candidates for medical reasons and need to consider a different restoration.

There are two possible cosmetic alternatives to dental implant supported replacement teeth. They are partial dentures and dental bridges.

Dental Bridges

Cosmetic dentistry allows patients the ability to consider dental bridges for restoring their smile after the loss of a natural tooth. Dental bridges are permanent replacements for missing teeth meaning they stay in your mouth all the time and are not removable. They act and look like your own teeth and you take care of them like your own teeth Dental bridges are made of strong, beautiful porcelain and can be used to replace missing teeth. They are created by combining porcelain crowns on the natural abutment on either side of the missing teeth with “dummy ” crowns replacing the missing teeth. In the laboratory all these crowns are made as one piece. So, when the replacement is placed on the natural abutment teeth, it “bridges” the gap of the missing teeth restoration. The surrounding abutment teeth have a small amount of enamel removed from the surface, and the crowns are bonded or cemented in. Dental bridges can last approximately ten years or longer, and can be affordable for most budgets. Bridges are complete very quickly and are extremely reliable proven technology.

Partial Dentures

Most partial dentures resemble retainers, but integrate false teeth. When a patient snaps the partial denture in place, the false teeth rest in the positions where natural teeth are gone. This solution is very cost effective for patients missing a large number of teeth. It is the least expensive form of tooth replacement. Partials are also great for replacing missing gum and bone tissues in a life like manner. Many patients use partial dentures for life, depending upon their situation.

Dr. Kent, of the Smile Center in Buffalo, offers a number of cosmetic restorations in his dental clinic. Whether a patient decides upon a dental implant restorations, bridges, or partial dentures, Dr. Kent can ensure that the patient receives the best care and quality treatment possible. Those considering the choices available for tooth replacement are encouraged to call the Smile Center in Buffalo to schedule a consultation appointment and examination to learn the best option for their situation.