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Your Buffalo dentist improves your experience with IV sedation

Equipment for sedation in dental surgery

In the common medical setting, patients receiving certain types of care are offered some type of sedation to ensure comfort and alleviate anxiety. In many situations, the use of sedation can facilitate a smooth procedure. It has only been a recent development of dentistry, however, to offer patients sedation for routine treatments. At the Smile Center in Buffalo, we believe our patients deserve the highest standard of compassionate care, which is why we offer laughing gas, enteral sedation, and IV sedation.

Various sedation options for a positive solution

Laughing gas was the first common form of sedation to be offered in the field of dentistry. This sedative is mixed with oxygen and inhaled for fast-acting effect. Through the years, laughing gas earned the name “laughing gas” for its ability to evoke feelings of euphoria, sometimes causing patients to giggle. Laughing gas is an ideal sedative for mildly anxious dental patients, but may not be suitable for those with serious dental anxiety.

Although many people quickly assume enteral sedation, or oral sedation, may be the ideal choice for them, several benefits come with IV sedation that are well worth considering. One of the nicest benefits of IV sedation is the ability to adjust dosage throughout a procedure. This flexibility allows us to ensure that the proper degree of relaxation is maintained from the onset of treatment until its completion.

What to expect

IV sedation is sometimes erroneously referred to as “sleep dentistry.” This terminology can make IV sedation seem like general anesthesia, which it is not. IV sedation in the dental setting causes deep relaxation, but the patient remains conscious and able to communicate if he or she so desires. Typically, the effects of IV sedation will feel more like pleasant drowsiness.

During treatment with IV sedation, patients are closely monitored so that adjustments can be made if needed.

If you feel anxious about seeing the dentist, sedation dentistry may be the ideal solution to your fears. Dr. Kent and his staff are experienced with the various forms of sedation. We offer gentle, precise care for your dental needs.

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