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Dentures for a new, natural-looking smile in Buffalo – the “secret” is in a precision fit and quality design!

In Buffalo area Dentures for a New Smile

The Smile Center’s Dr. Gordon Kent May be the first dentist in the Buffalo-Niagara region to offer the gold standard in tooth replacement: dental implants. The Smile Center is also proud to have many specialties under one roof, as well as a full-service dental lab to design and fabricate everything from crowns to dentures. This experience and expertise in sophisticated dental techniques are applied to create quality dentures that address the complaints commonly associated with them, including a loose and uncomfortable fit, a “fake” appearance, and a time-consuming process. At the Smile Center in Buffalo, dentures for a new smile look, feel, and function no differently than healthy, natural teeth (after an initial “breaking-in” period that our team is happy to help you with!). And you don’t have to go through a painstaking, uncomfortable process to get back your attractive smile and ability to enjoy foods and speak clearly — without embarrassment — again.

Challenge No. 1: Poor fit, solved!

Your experience with dentures depends largely on how they fit your mouth. If dentures aren’t designed properly to fit your mouth’s unique specifications from the get-go, they will irritate the inside of your mouth and cause sores. Poorly fitting dentures also don’t work as they should; they tend to slip, making it difficult to eat and to pronounce words clearly. Dr. Kent has been making and placing prosthetic teeth for more than three decades. He has also invested in a top-notch dental laboratory. This is not just a milling machine for CEREC-created crowns; we can design all types of restorations, fabricate them from the finest materials, and make adjustments as needed — quickly and skillfully from the Smile Center office.

All these characteristics come together for the precision planning that leads to dentures that fit seamlessly with surrounding tissues; for instance, upper dentures are held in place by natural suction in the palate or roof of your mouth. If the denture isn’t made exactly to your specifications, it doesn’t fit snugly in the gums and can slide around, rub up against delicate tissues, and cause swelling and soreness. Lower dentures can present an even bigger challenge because the bony alveolar tissue is horseshoe-shaped and can be tricky for the denture to adhere to, especially when the tongue keeps bumping up against the base of the denture. Starting with a great fit helps to address these issues, and Dr. Kent and the team can suggest denture products that aid in comfort or “implant-retained” systems. A few strategically placed dental implants can help to stabilize dentures, so they don’t slide around.

As to the problem of “false-looking” teeth, Dr. Kent and the team give you another reason to smile. They design teeth and gums onsite that are “just right” for your mouth and face, teeth that aren’t too big or too small, and a base that looks like actual gum tissue – not a single color or “flat” appearance that screams “fake!”

Challenge No. 2: An ugly process, solved!

Structure of a denture in Buffalo NY area

The Smile Center finds it rewarding to create new smiles that patients love to show off; however, we also take great pride in creating an environment that is also pleasant, and an experience of getting new smiles that is hassle-free. With so many specialties and capabilities under one roof, you don’t have to go from office to office to get your dentures completed, which saves you headaches, fuel costs, and time. Moreover, you never have to worry about being “toothless” at any time during the process of getting your new smile. We offer immediate dentures. As its name suggests, you can get a partial or complete denture immediately after decayed or damaged teeth are extracted – instead of waiting weeks or months to get your new teeth and gums. We’re adept at offering immediate dentures that fit superbly and look stunning, yet natural.

  • After trouble teeth are extracted, the immediate denture that is inserted protects tissues and helps to minimize bleeding.
  • You get to learn how to speak with dentures early, as soon as the immediate denture is placed, which is generally easier than having to “relearn” speech patterns later, after going without a denture for some time.
  • You continue to chew and eat without the disruption that occurs when you are missing teeth. This approach also helps to minimize changes in facial appearance that arises when you go without teeth for a prolonged period.
  • There is some swelling that naturally occurs while your tissues are healing, which we can address with adjustments and re-fitting throughout the process.

The Smile Center lovingly “caters to cowards,” and has many options to help you relax and feel your most comfortable during treatment, too. So, we’ve eliminated all the “reasons” that may have kept you from getting your new smile. Call today to schedule an appointment – .